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hair journey
Hi my name is Tiffanie Thomas. I began my natural hair journey in April 2010. I have always had long length hair, but it was just a thin grade. I started getting relaxers in my hair at the age of 13. I was in a salon every other week. I tried many different “thickening hair products,” and nothing worked. Finally, I decided to go chemical free. Within my first year, my hair had reached it’s thickest point. I did my big chop in April 2011 and I was in love with my hair. I had no clue my curl pattern would be that defined. By the next year, my hair had grown into a full chin length bob. I am amazed at how fast my hair grows and the fullness of it. Going natural was the most healthiest decision I could have ever made for my hair. I love the natural me!

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  • Duchess

    I love your hair! Natural is the way to go. It looks really good on you. 🙂